I have extensive experience and each individual has their own unique fantasy. Being honest and forthright in what you are looking for goes a long way to ensuring your session is an enjoyable experience.

I offer the full range of Dominatrix services and am continually pushing new boundaries, exploring new avenues and experiencing new sensations.

It is the reason I so much enjoy my work.

I have a few hard limits, Scat, Roman Showers, but there’s not much else I haven’t practised, indulged in and enjoyed.

I thoroughly enjoy slating my sadistic streak be that with whips, canes or any of the other assorted instruments available in my dungeon.

Strapon play, dildos, masks, sensory deprivation, not only are these services I provide but I have invested to ensure that the Maison dungeon is fully equipped to cater for all such nuances and kinks.

Outlining the type of session and services you are looking for will allow me to have all the necessary tools prepared and ready for your appointment.

You can arrange a booking through any of the means on my Booking Page