Spanking in Edinburgh

Spanking in Edinburgh

If your in Edinburgh and looking for a good spanking then it would be a spanking at my hand. An accomplished practitioner of all things CP I take great delight in choosing my instruments of punishment and laying them out for you to see before we commence. I think it’s that twinkle of fear in the eye that excites me.

Should it be a long hard sustained punishment with a single instrument, perhaps 50 or 100 strokes of my school cane, or perhaps an assortment to mix up the sensations, and the reminders, a bit.

The dungeon has them all, canes, belts, whips, paddles, we even have a carpet beater. No matter what the instrument is to hand it is I, the Mistress, that shall dictate the severity of your punishment.

Swift sharp strokes, long deliberate belt swings that resound with a dull thwack, they all have their place and their own signature. Corporal punishment is something I relish and have been known to laugh in response to the groans my punishments extract from my slaves.

I particularly enjoy CP in all is forms and can measure a punishment to the tolerance of my subject. Whether you want merely brushed with my flogger or submit to being bitten by my whip my delivery will be yours to behold and suffer.

I take new and inexperienced clients and can lead you into the world of discipline and for you to learn your place, beneath my lash. Established clients benefit from a building of the relationship to explore limits, taste new experiences and ultimately to submit. You can see some videos of me in action dishing out some hard and severe punishments over at Clips4Sale

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