Slaves wanted for filming

Slaves wanted for filming

As well as improving my web site we’ve also been doing some modifications in the dungeon. We’ve added some new lights and rearranged things as we’re now looking to do filming on a regular basis. My new promo video will be going up live here in the next few days and that’s just the beginning.

slaves-filmingOur next round of filming will be taking place at the end of July where I’ll have the pleasure of @kinkyfetishViv’s company. For this very short period we will be giving you the opportunity to take part with us in a double-domme session for the measly sum of £150 for the entire hour. This opportunity is limited and will be open for four days at the end of July only. Those who take part and suffer well shall gain my favour and must consent to being filmed although your identity can be protected if you so wish.

Over the coming months I’ll be busy so it helps me a lot if you book as well in advance as you can manage. If you ask for a session at short notice you might be lucky, but then you might win the lottery too. I’ve added my Amazon wishlist on the right hand side of this web site. Payments can be made with any debit or credit card and details will be sent to you when your deposit is required.  I am immediately notified when payments are received and your booking can be confirmed.

As to my Amazon wishlist. Well have a look through and make me happy.

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You must indicate that you agree to be filmed as well as indicating your preferences with regard to concealing your identity. These filming sessions will be available between the 26th and 29th of July only. As per usual these will be on a strictly first come, first served basis so move your ass. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]