SexhibitionUK in Manchester

SexhibitionUK in Manchester

This weekend sees me and my fellow Mistresses from the Maison de Debauch, Miss Marilyn and Miss Sugar Cougar, on a road trip to Manchester and the hottest kink show in the UK Sexhibition.

With our VIP tickets we’ll be cruising the event and taking advantage of all those lovely little add-ons that those three little letters get you, V-I-P. We’re hoping to meet up with plenty old friends and make some new ones.

I spent Tuesday evening with my crew from Club Debauch at the Biscuit Factory. Our first event in December has got us all pretty excited and expect to hear a lot more about what we have planned as the time draws near. You can find out about memberships over at the Maison de Debauch web site.

I’ll certainly be looking at the shows, demonstrations and events going on at Sexhibition and will be thinking about what we’re going to do with our fetish/BDSM area at Club Debauch. Already we’re bubbling with ideas but you’ll just have to wait see.

I’m still looking for some wonderful sub to buy me a trip to Pervs in Paradise, 15-22 October 2016 in Jamaica at Club Ambiance. You can find the link below and you know what you have to do to make me a very happy Mistress.

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