Lights, camera action, I’m Back!

Lights, camera action, I’m Back!

Well those of you who have visited my web site recently will have seen a condensed version as I’ve been busy working on other things.

As well as our first gathering of the Secret Scottish Society in February I’ve been around the UK visiting several friends and enjoying lots of double-domme sessions.

I return to Edinburgh this Sunday having spent a wonderful few days with Scarlet Thorne in London and shall be regularly available for sessions back at the Maison de Debauch

I’ll be resuming filming shortly so watch out for opportunities to be abused by several mistresses for a reduced rate. Hoods/identity concealment is acceptable.

To celebrate I’ll be working on my dedicated medical site which should be ready in the next few weeks especially for all those needy patients out there.

Doctor Inka already has a reputation for explorative examinations and shall be taking full advantage of the refurbished medical suite at the Maison to continue practising one of her favourite arts.

As well as myself our lovely Princess Bella shall return at the end of next week from her Easter break and I look forward to double-domme sessions with her so why not book now.