My C4S video store is open!

Well I ‘m delighted to say that my Clips4Sale Store is now open so get over there and start buying. It’s amazing how a bit of encouragement can prove so effective. My store contains a selection of medical, humiliation, Femdom POV and CP clips and we’ll be adding to it regularly. Now that we’ve cleared out the basement under the Maison de Debauch...

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Mistress on film, then London

Birmingham, Sexhibition, filming, London, you should feel sorry for me all the running about I have to do. I’m travelling to London with Miss Sugar Cougar around the 16th September so send me a message if your interested in a session around these dates. I’ll then be back in London at the beginning of October for a long weekend stay with the ever stunning Miss...

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SexhibitionUK in Manchester

This weekend sees me and my fellow Mistresses from the Maison de Debauch, Miss Marilyn and Miss Sugar Cougar, on a road trip to Manchester and the hottest kink show in the UK Sexhibition. With our VIP tickets we’ll be cruising the event and taking advantage of all those lovely little add-ons that those three little letters get you, V-I-P. We’re hoping to meet...

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Birmingham here comes Mistress Inka

Birmingham here I come. Having had such a wonderful time with the lovely Vivienne l’Amour during her visit to Edinburgh at the end of July we’ve decided to team up once more. So we’ll both be meeting up in Birmingham on the 12th and 13th August offering individual one-to-one sessions and also, what we like best, double domme sessions where the two of us can...

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Glasgow – Saturday 30th July

Mistress inka will be meeting up with her good friends Mistress Megara Furie and Miss Marilyn this Saturday evening in Glasgow, At the end of what will undoubtedly be an interesting week with Mistress Vivienne l’Amour the Mistress will be letting her hair down at the Auld School Party in the G21 area of Glasgow. These monthly themed events are a regular event at the Auld...

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Slaves wanted for filming

As well as improving my web site we’ve also been doing some modifications in the dungeon. We’ve added some new lights and rearranged things as we’re now looking to do filming on a regular basis. My new promo video will be going up live here in the next few days and that’s just the beginning. Our next round of filming will be taking place at the...

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